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Tips on Making Your Gravity Forms as Accessible as Possible

I’m currently using gravity forms and struggling with the accessibility of it. It sounds like there are no plans to make it accessible, but I know a lot of people use this plugin, so let’s make the best of it. Continue reading

Langara Computer Technology Meetup: Simple Principle for Website Security

The Langara Computer Science department has about 6-7 meetups a year on various technology topics. I had intended to attend one earlier, but this is the first one I got to.

The presentation is to focus on practical website security principles. Continue reading

Access 2013: It’s dangerous to go alone! How about *we* do this!?

  • Steve Marks, Nick Ruest, Graham Stewart & Amaz Taufique

Everyone has many of the same needs when looking at digital collections: digitization of collections, mixed types of content, preservation, etc. Continue reading