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LibTechConf 2014 Presentation: We Are All Disabled! Universal Web Design Making Web Services Accessible for Everyone

This is the full write-up for the presentation I did at LibTechConf 2014, not including the Q&A section. There are slight differences from the actual presentation, primarily having removed the questions I asked the audience and in a couple of cases, adding further notes or source information.  Continue reading

Tips on Making Your Gravity Forms as Accessible as Possible

I’m currently using gravity forms and struggling with the accessibility of it. It sounds like there are no plans to make it accessible, but I know a lot of people use this plugin, so let’s make the best of it. Continue reading

Accessible WordPress Theme: Creating a Fully Accessible TwentyTwelve Child Theme

To make up for the lack of post last week (apologies, things have just been too busy), a special post this week. Before working on the new website, I once again did some searching for an accessible WordPress theme. Unfortunately, I found little that would meet my needs as I required WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) level AA at the minimum, but preferably something that would be as accessible as possible.

Continue reading

Death to the Website Carousel

UPDATE (March 6, 20104) : Added a new example, and did some minor fixes.

This is not by any means a new idea, but as I am in the process of redesigning the website, I did think about the carousel. The existing website doesn’t have one, but glancing at my WordPress statistics, the image carousel plugin review post has been getting the highest number of hits, and I have that post for a reason (that is I had to put one into the last site I did). Continue reading

Code4LibBC: Accessible Website Process Toolkit & Buy In

During the Code4LibBC breakout sessions, we had an ‘accessibility corner’. We talked about a lot of different things, but we covered two major topics: the process we might go through, and how to get buy in. While we have a google doc with notes from the breakout, hopefully this blog post organizes those notes and other thoughts into something a little more cohesive. Continue reading

Code4LibBC: Shifting Perspectives: From Disability Accommodation to Universal Design

For this presentation, I decided to speak more broadly on accessibility (rather than focus specifically on web accessibility), partly because it’s so short (5-10 minute lightning talk) and partly due to the fact that despite it being a “Code4Lib” regional, we wanted to promote cross collaboration across all skill and knowledge levels. I still used a technology example, but had physical space related examples as well. Continue reading

Guide Rework Part 2: Guide to Accessible Formats

Last week, I posted about updating our “What Format Do You Need” guide and taking a different approach in helping our users decide what format they need. Looking at the guides, I realized that my draft could be a possible replacement for the quick guide, but cannot replace the more detailed version (below). The detailed version has so much more information and obviously breaks down the information differently. Continue reading