Tips on Converting PDF to an Accessible Document

I’ve talked about making documents accessible and the editing guidelines, but the more editing I do, the more I realize I save a lot of time because I don’t do all my editing manually. Some of these tips might also help when editing after converting from EPUB and other ebook formats. Continue reading Tips on Converting PDF to an Accessible Document

Code4LibBC Day 2: Lightning Talks Part 1

XML Databases and Document Stores, Michael Joyce, SFU

  • EXIST for storing XML
  • indexing and searhcing provided by Lucene
  • doesn’t include analysis, but can used Stanford named entity recognizer
  • MASHUP of over 200 books mapped using statistical tagger and dbpedia, great for getting people started
  • similarity matching to find similar content

Demo of MIK (the Move to Islandora Kit), Mark Jordan, SFU

  • built at SFU in migrate digital collections to Islandora
  • built in modular way, and flexible
  • doesn’t move to Islandora, just prepares content
  • can have contentdm or csv/excel, prepares batch packages that Islandroa expects
  • can run as many times as you want to get it right before loading to Islandora
  • despite the name, will let you use it in other contexts e.g. move to Hydra
  • parse into MODS or DC, which is what Islandora exists, but could be written to do others
  • post-write hook scripts, allows scripts to be run in the background
  • modules can be used e.g. metadata manipulator
  • need to write config file, but not more complex than most
  • metadata mapping file can also add metadata that wasn’t in incoming data
  • backend tool written in PHP
  • hope to get people get interested to contribute different toolchanges e.g. Dspace

Making moves: Migrating from CONTENTdm to Islandora, Hillary Webb, ECUAD

  • BC ELN started Arca, IR for all post-secondary schools
  • migrated from ContentDM to Islandora
  • created custom displays to display custom metadata
  • had to manually regenerate derivatives, but would want to script it in the future
  • most issues left over has to do with display e.g. list vs. grid per collection

Open Collections Future – Linked Data APIs, Stefan Khan-Kernahan, UBC

  • very little data is linked at this point
  • want to propose that authors have persistent digital identifier through ORCID to build profiles, use ORCID to markup and import citations
  • can add schema and do something similar to call number
  • show related articles currently based on search but if use ID, can build richer ways to show related articles e.g. same person, others that they’ve collaborated with
  • can build citation and reference lists

PDL Report, Caroline Daniels, KPU

  • Provincial Digital Library, but didn’t really consult anybody.
  • put some money to BC ELN to build Arca
  • next step is to build discovery layer on top of Arca and other digital collections
  • had a meeting, will get report in ~2 weeks
  • larger symposium next to BCLA; and will likely be other smaller groups
  • the ministries have said there is no money to do this
  • come up with some solutions and they might be able to find money
  • a task group is forming to see what we might do
  • digital collections environmental scan done by Mike Conroy
  • the focus is to benefit the whole province


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