Open Everything in Libraries

I started writing this blog post quite a while ago as you can tell from the intro, but I had forgotten about it and decided to recently finish it.


Listening to the talks at Code4LibBC last week, I began to think about open data and collections, but then starting to also think about the role of libraries and the idea that it’s a public space.
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Presentation: Making Accessible Content Easy and Part of Your Work

This was originally presented as an online workshop for the Center for Instructional Development & Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh on February 5, 2015. If you’re familiar with my presentations, everything up to and including the introduction to universal design is quite similar to my past presentations (especially the most recent one). However, after that, this presentation focuses solely on creating content, both online (such as using WordPress) and using software (such as Microsoft Word). As you can imagine, this presentation was geared towards non-technical users, going into much more detail on content guidelines than in any of my other presentations, and for UPitt faculty and staff. Continue reading Presentation: Making Accessible Content Easy and Part of Your Work